Jack Duncan Rhodes Foundation

Mission Statement - Jack's Foundation strives to provide free quality mental healthcare to individuals that want it

Our Mission

Through our fund raising activities we support a variety of organizations and individuals.  We donate to other non profit organizations that provide free counseling services.  We award scholarships to students pursuing a degree in the mental health field.  We award scholarships to individuals that want to enter a mental health and/or addiction rehabilitation center that do not have the insurance or the funds to pay for it.  We pay for private counseling services for individuals who want help but do not have insurance or the funds to pay for it.   Being a non-profit foundation, we depend on funds and resources from the public to support our endeavor. There is so much more we aim at achieving, and with your help we can continue to provide services and promote awareness around mental health issues.

We have more requests for help than we can afford. Please considering donating today.